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Winnow Chocolates

This gorgeous collection of goodies is just perfect to treat that special girl in your life - whether that's your best friend, girlfriend, bridesmaid, sister, mother or daughter!  It includes some goodies to eat and drink and some pamper products too!

Gift Box includes

Free standard delivery Australia-wide, a Personalised Gift Card (created at checkout) and each of the following artisan products:

Fleurette - Aromatherapy Pulse Point
Take a moment to regain your calm and find balance with this soothing blend of rose, geranium with gentle whispers of chamomile to be applied directly to pulse points.

Choose from two scents: 

Calm Balance:  Soothing blend of rose, geranium with gentle whispers of chamomile

Stress Buster:  This special blend is made with uplifting mandarin, calming chamomile and soothing clary sage essential oils to help you feel calm and tranquil.

Herbs + Heart - Forest Nourish Hand & Body Moisturiser

This rich, nourishing hand & body lotion is a blend of powerful ‘super’ botanicals that energise and rejuvenate the skin

Moorish Menu - Raspberry Meringue Bites

These bites are the perfect sweet treat, made using organic Australian egg whites and pure organic raspberries that have been dried using unique low-temperature drying technology to preserve their colour, flavour and nutrition.

Tread Softly - Prosecco

These pretty cans of bubbles are fruity in flavour with subtle citrus making this naturally sweet and perfect for any occasion.  Tread Softly uses more sustainable vineyard management and they plant an Australian Native Tree for every dozen sold!

Winnow Chocolates - Artisan Chocolate Bars

Made using organic Belgium couverture chocolate and the traditional French technique of hand-tempering on marble to provide the perfect base for delicious fruits, nuts and spices.

Choose from six unique flavours:

Chai:  Organic white chocolate mixed with our chai spice mix and dotted with crystallised ginger

Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia:  Milk Chocolate Bar with Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia

Pavlova: Organic white chocolate studded with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and delicious meringue

Salt: Organic dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt

Salted Hazelnut Crunch: Organic milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts and salt

Spice:  The perfect blend of spices and delicious dried blueberries and cranberries all mixed into organic dark chocolate

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