Bodhi Organic Tea - 4 flavours to choose from



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Bodhi Organic Tea is designed by naturopath and herbalist Lisa Guy in Bondi Beach.  

Choose from these unique blends:

PositiviTEA is 100% certified organic St Johns wort, rhodiola, lemongrass & spearmint will brighten your mood and liven the senses

ImmuniTEA is 100% certified organic echinacea, spearmint, elderflower and lemongrass to create a rejuvenating and healing tea with a lovely light earthy flavour

SeneniTEA is 100% certified organic chamomile, lemon verbena, lemon balm & lavender to create a wonderfully soothing tea

Mother's Milk TEA is 100% certified organic fenugreek, fennel, raspberry leaf, alfalfa, lemon verbena and nettle to help enhance breast milk production

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